How does performing asanas change our perception of the world?

How does performing asanas change our perception of the world?

How does performing asanas change our perception of the world?

If you think this text is an introduction to my personal acrobatic show, I must disappoint you.

If you’ve ever been interested in yoga, you have certainly seen countless unusual photos of seasoned yogis, whose bodies are skilfully twisted, at the same time stable and balancing on a small part of the body fascinated you and astounded you.

If you think this text is an introduction to my personal acrobatic show, I must disappoint you.

Change your life with yoga

You won’t be amazed by the amazing position I got stuck to take a picture of myself.

On the contrary, my asanas are not perfect and I don’t have much to brag about, and yet I do it because I’m happy with the transformation my body and soul have received over the course of less than a year.

That’s why today I want to share with you what yoga is to me.

Of course, there is no doubt that yoga stretches the body, strengthens joints, muscles, tendons, improves the appearance of the body and makes the figure slimmer, but you will find plenty of interesting articles about it.

Today, mine will be about simple human needs that I have been looking for for years, which yoga gave me.

1. Surya Namaskar B, Greeting to the Sun B

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When you get out of bed in the morning, you probably have a stiff body and mind that resists entering the next day.

I felt that way for years. The alarm clock reminded me why I will have to face it in a moment, now it calls me to connect with the energy as soon as possible, which will push me into the arms of a day full of surprises.

Greeting to the Sun is a sequence of simple exercises that you can do at your own pace, treating them as a “healthier version of morning coffee”.

The breath that will be your guide will cause that after a few seconds you will feel a different flow of energy.

A mild form of physical activity will improve your circulatory system, and the mind calm down with this form of meditation in motion will be filled with optimism and will not leave you later in the day.

It’s a great form for starting, which has great energizing effects.

Welcome the sun, feel part of the universe, and it even if hidden behind the clouds will stay with you.

2. Chaturanga Dandasana, Stick supported in four places

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This position requires strong back, neck and hand muscles.

When you study it, you will experience the feeling that you are falling downwards, but thanks to the fact that you slowly develop your muscular corset, you can stop just above the floor and enjoy the feeling of control and strength you get over your own body, which is inseparable from the psyche.

Now nothing will make you powerless, flabby and insecure. You are your own support.

3. Utthita Hasta padangusthasana, Position of the hand extended to the big toe of the foot

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If you have no problems then you can consider it your biggest problem, and running away from them will not bring you closer to happiness.

There will always be something missing in life.

For some careers, others for the attention of loved ones, money, love, inner peace and even breathing.

You can list here endlessly, do you know it?

None is part of our existence.

Instead of focusing on it, look what you have.

It can give you balance and peace.

Let’s stick to our principles and beliefs without ever losing contact with each other.

Resting on one leg, the other leg up is for me a symbol of life, its imbalance. It makes us stand firmly, often on only one leg, and yet not lose contact with each other and confidently look into the future.

4. Urdhva Dhanurasana, Mostek

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If you have ever been afraid of something, staying in this position for several dozen seconds a day will cause the fear to disappear, or maybe you just look him in the perverse way and he will be surprised that there is no one else to scare, since you are ready to look at the world from this perspective!

This asana will help you free yourself from many irrational fears and fears, thanks to which I stopped being afraid of stash.

This is explained by the stimulation of the thyroid gland and pituitary gland, which are involved in performing asana.

Be a bridge for yourself through which you will always get to the other shore.

5. Utthita Trikonasana, Position of the extended triangle

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Energy flowing to us from space is ubiquitous, although we do not notice it in our daily runs.

This asana allows you to stop, connect with the earth and realize where we are, at what moment in our lives, at what point of internal development and where we are going now.

By doing it regularly, you will open yourself to what the energy of earth and space offers you. Be aware of her, she is beautiful and you will definitely feel her strength and the unity that you constitute with the whole universe. Touch the earth by touching the sky. It’s easy!

6. Virabhadrasana II, Warrior II

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This seemingly easy position will take its toll.

It will stretch you out and remind you that finding yourself in it is a bit like in life striving to satisfy desires contrary to your principles, or perhaps those of your loved ones.

Isn’t it that half of your body is pulling forward, the other is moving sideways, as if each part of you would dance a different dance?

But if you find yourself right in the center of your center of gravity, you’ll find relief, harmony and confidence that you’re safe. Like a warrior who doesn’t have to fear anything before joining a fight.

7. Navasana, Ship Position

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Perseverance, fight against weaknesses, exercise of strong will, imposing a task.

It’s an asana that will teach you perseverance, but first confronts you with reality, you must make friends with your weaknesses so that they can slowly change into your strength.

And this will only happen by self-imposed tasks, not giving up. P

for each Ship Position completed, the next arrives. You must be in it, you must change at the port and board the next one. This means that between the effort of getting in the boat, you lift your body on your hands. Navasana!

Five more times. Your hands are shaking in the port, your legs are shaking, but you are persistent, you have taken the goal and you know that although your back is falling today, the distance between your belly and straight legs is too large and your boat still needs renovation due to a clear purpose you bet you will reach your destination.

Just another Navasana, another and another, and then again the port and again Navasana and the next day will be the same, maybe you will lose tomorrow, maybe you will end up a little better and the boat will waver slightly on the surface of your lake.

Try not to give up again and again …

8. Padmasana, Lotus

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In this position, you will learn patience, time flies, but you forget about the watch, you are here and now, do not think about what you have to do later, tomorrow or about what upset your boss or colleague.

Now you breathe deeply and your only companion is: breath, you can count his footsteps. One breath, another breath …

Stop the movement of your mind, make the internal wind stop, look at this peace.

It is you. When you get back to everyday matters, remember what your interior looked like when you followed your breath step by step. Take this state to your day.

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Yoga Teacher Training India

9. Meetings, help, sensitivity

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Yoga Teacher Training India


Yoga Teacher Training India


Yoga Teacher Training India


A side effect of practicing yoga is curiosity about the world, no fear of it, desire for adventure, openness to other cultures, a desire to acquire more knowledge and the need to be useful.

If you are not interested in people, and maybe you do not even like them, you are reluctant to help them, and you are not going to become sensitive to their fate – save from yoga!

If you leave other cultures and travels for exploration to professionals from television, and the surrounding nature is indifferent to you and you accept it as a status quo that you should not strive for or protect – do not go on yoga, because you are in danger of becoming another human being.

Against you, yoga will force you to look at people and the world with different, previously unknown eyes, to all this with a feeling of gratitude and completely without fear of the future.

The universe will favor you because you will start to favor the universe. I know you’re ready for it, we’re all here.

10. Have fun with yoga

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Yoga philosophy sooner or later will interest you and you will want to learn more. Take what you need from yoga. If you forget something, you just need to be able to enjoy it and all the benefits that you will feel.

The rest of yoga will give you beyond your consciousness and the only condition is that it become your friend with whom you will be friends today and go on living through this inseparable duo.

Get rid of ambition, do not be impatient, do not compare yourself with others, the process itself is of great importance. The path is the goal. Don’t wait Go!

11. Head Standing – What Limits Us?

Standing on your head is turning the world upside down. To subject our body, as well as our spirit to such a shock, we balance on the spheroidal surface – the skull and its supports.

Standing on the head not only reverses the point of view, it also reverses the blood pressure patterns in the body – increasing them in the head and lowering them in the feet. This situation is opposite to what our body experiences in our natural position, where due to the force of gravity, our blood flows down towards the legs and feet.

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Fit woman wearing black demonstrates the Shirshasana, a yoga headstand position. Studio shot, isolated on white.

Many people who practice hatha yoga for years will not be able to stand up on their own. In addition to obvious fear of falling, physical aspects, i.e. body restrictions, are also involved. These restrictions are different for men than for women. Of course, this is a big simplification, because each of us is a peculiar being, however, such a demarcation makes it easier to draw some differences.

Stand-up women usually face two obstacles: less strength in the upper body than men and greater weight located in the hips and thighs. To cope with this, women must develop strength in the upper limbs, back and stomach.

For men, the most common challenge is poor elasticity of the hips, which makes it difficult for them to rise to position in stages. Men, unlike women, usually do not encounter problems with the “base” when standing on their heads, that is, with strength in the shoulders and forearms.

Standing on your head is a challenge for both women and men. Every asana that develops strength in the back and upper limbs, and every asana that improves elasticity in the hips will bring you closer to successful head standing. But what if your limitations not arising from preparation or body preparation are so dominant that you are afraid to approach this asana?

The fear of reversing one’s point of view usually results from the fear of losing control of the situation.It’s easy to make allegories here. Skilful falling on the mat is no different than skilful falling in everyday situations. We cannot foresee everything on the mat or in everyday life, therefore skilful falls can protect us from injuries (mental or physical).

So before you stand on your head, you should practice some upsets and falls (it’s worth asking your teacher, of course, if the teacher doesn’t do it first). For this you need to find a bit of space and preferably something soft under the head, and then slightly simulate falling from the stage of first standing on your head.

Once you become familiar with the feelings that accompany falls, it will be easier for you to move to the next stages of standing on your head.
If you master your head standing, I’m sure you won’t be able to imagine the practice without this asana. Standing on your head wonderfully raises the spirit and opens before us a lot of benefits and possibilities.

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