Preparation for Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana

Preparation for Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana

Preparation for Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana

Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana (Compass), although it does not look difficult, for many yogis stays in the dream zone for a very long time. A common “brake” in this position are the contracted sides of the body, which are often neglected during yoga practice. Therefore, while preparing this sequence of asanas for you, I mainly focused on stretching the sides of the body.

What you need?

Open hips , stretched back legs and flexible body sides .

Where to start?

Starting work on the Compass while warming up, work on stretching the sides of the body . Stand in Tadasan, put your feet together. Inhale, raise your arms up, put your hands together. With exhale, move your arms to the right, lengthening and opening the left side of the body; breathe back into the center and with your next breath move your arms to the other side.

Perform this position dynamically several times. Take your time . It is the breath that sets the pace of the practice. As long as you breathe out, deepen the slope, as long as you breathe in , return to the center. Focus on the breath deepens body awareness and makes practice more attentive. Then do Surya Namaskar A and B several times .

Step 1 – Parighasana – stretch the sides of the body, warm up the hips, stretch the legs

Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana
Kneel and set your knees to the width of your hips . Extend your right leg to the side, straighten your knee and press your toes to the floor. Push your left knee and right foot off the ground. Feel that this movement simultaneously builds a solid foundation at the base of the body and lengthens the spine .

Inhale, raise your left arm up, and exhale, slope to the right. Take your left shoulder back, look at your left hand. Work on opening the cage and extending both sides of the body. Stay in this position for 5 breaths, then do the other side.


Step 2 – Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana – we stretch the sides of the body and the back of the legs, open the hips.

Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana
We’ll start with Janu Sirsasana . Sit down, right leg straight and left bent at the knee. Place your left foot close to the inside of your right thigh. Align your hips. Take a deep breath, lengthen your spine and pull your stomach in. Breathe out, lean forward . Keep your back straight.

Pull your belly to your thighs and pull your shoulders down so that your neck is long and your shoulders relaxed. Stay in this position for a few breaths . Now grasp the big toe of your right foot with your right hand. Bend your elbow and let the arm drop to the ground.

Inhale, raise your left arm up, with the exhale, start reaching towards the right foot. Stretch the left side of the body, open the cage and direct the left shoulder back. Reach with your left hand and take it. Look up. If you can’t grab your foot without losing your figure, leave your hand up. Stay in this position for 5 breaths, then repeat the whole to the other side.


Step 3 – Preparation for Krounchasana – stretch the back of the legs, strengthen the spine and abdominal muscles, open the hips

Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana
Sit down, straighten your right leg and bend your left leg and pull your foot to your right thigh near your crotch. Bend your right knee and grasp your right foot with both hands, lift it up. Focus on your figure now. Straighten your back, lower your shoulders, pull your belly and pull your thigh to your belly .

Try to straighten your right knee right now, but without losing your body position. If your thigh move away from your chest and your back is rounded, leave your knee bent . If all is well, raise your leg high up and pull it to the cage . Stay in this position for 5 breaths and change page .


Make an attempt – Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana

If you ‘ve never done this position before , it’s worth learning how to enter correctly , which is crucial for this asana.
Sit down, left leg bent at the knee and foot directed to the right thigh . Lift your right leg up and grasp the calf from below with both hands. Throw your right leg over your right shoulder. Then put your right hand on the ground from the right side of the buttock. Block the leg so that it does not slip off the shoulder.

Now with your left hand, grasp the outer edge of your right foot. Start lifting your leg and straightening your knee . At the same time, let the left shoulder withdraw back and open the cage. Look left. Push your buttocks off the ground. If your right buttock has risen too high for you, try to get itput on the ground .

Straighten your back and keep your stomach drawn in. Stay for a few breaths and try to make the Compass to the other side.

If you are not able to perform this position yet, practice it often . Remember that we only appreciate what is difficult for us to achieve . It also happens that some asanas will never be available to us, because the anatomy of the body will not allow it . Accepting your imperfections is the most valuable lesson that yoga practice can give us. Namaste!

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