Take care of yourself on the mat – yoga modifications

Take care of yourself on the mat – yoga modifications

Take care of yourself on the mat – yoga modifications

If, despite following the instructions in the post “When yoga occurs during yoga practice” , you still feel pain in some positions, below you will find ideas on how to modify or replace particularly demanding asanas.

1. Preparation for eka pada rajakapotasana

When you feel discomfort in your knee joint, start with a milder option for your knee on your back.
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2. Dog with head up

If urdhva fly svanasana puts too much strain on the lumbar spine, try one of the alternative positions – cobra (bhujanghasana) or sphinx.
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3. Ustrasana

In the event that it is hard for you to get into this position at the beginning, you can start by placing your feet on your toes to make it easier to reach to your heels or rest your hands on the blocks. For some (especially people diagnosed with problems in the cervical region) the camel’s position should be modified so that it does not strain the neck. If you feel any discomfort in it, instead of dropping your head loosely back, pull it out in a long arc. If you make the full version with the head hanging from the back, the way to get out of the camel position is very important. Never start by raising your head, just sit on your heels and lift your head only when the occiput is resting on your shoulders.
yoga modifications

4. Virasana

The hero’s position is a great challenge for the knees, and even in the event that the quadriceps allow us to sit in it, it is not always and not for everyone will be the position indicated. If you feel any pain in your knee joints, it will be safer to replace it with vajrasana.

yoga modifications
If you feel uncomfortable during asanas where one knee rests on the ground, put a flat sponge or blanket under your knee to make the position more pleasant for you.


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