YOGA in summer – Yoga in Rishikesh India

YOGA in summer – Yoga in Rishikesh India

YOGA in summer – Yoga in Rishikesh India

Why are yoga and summer a perfect match? June 20 is the first day of summer, while June 21 was designated International Yoga Day. Fantastically true? Spend summer with yoga, I will show you how to do it.

Exercise in the morning, in the evening in the bosom of nature, support the exercise with a healthy diet.


At this time of year, it’s best to practice early in the morning. 6.00 is the perfect time to wake up, brew tea and go to the terrace, the garden and even to the nearby park. There, spread the mate and perform a few breaths in Tadasana, mountain position. Make a few greetings of the sun, add a few turns, slopes, sit down and move to greet the day with a greater dose of energy, peace and harmony.


During this period, nature is amazing, it is beautiful to associate with it. Walking barefoot on the grass is a very pleasant feeling. Check!

During the summer break, you can take advantage of free weekend classes in the parks, which then run yoga schools. This is a great opportunity to start your yoga adventure. However, I encourage you to practice more than once a week. You will notice that your body will feel better.


I have prepared five items for you that you can incorporate into your individual practice. Treat them as your “summer package”.

A dog with his head up

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Lie on the mat on your stomach, place your hands at waist height. Fingers apart, embedded in the mat. Raise your head, chest, stomach, knees above the mat, straighten your arms in the elbows. Keep your weight on your hands and feet. Chest open, arms down far from the ears. You can tilt your head back. With the exhale, slowly go down with your knees, belly, chest, place your head sideways on the mat. Hands along the trunk, palms open to the ceiling. Relax the whole body. Feel good.

Dog with head down with right / left leg up – dog on three legs

Yoga Teacher Training India Rishikesh

Make a knee supported, put your hands at shoulder width, knees at hip width. Fingers apart, embedded in the mat. Raise your hips up straightening your knees. With a breath, raise your right straight leg in the knee up. Keep your foot up active. Heel up, fingers turned up. Feel how you stretch the back of your leg. Keep your hips on one level. Hold 5 breaths, foot on the mat and lift your left leg.

Warrior II or MOC

Yoga Teacher Training India Rishikesh

Stand apart, left foot 90 degrees to the side, right 60, bend your left leg in the knee, arms parallel to the mat, spine vertically upwards, look behind your left hand. Put your left hand in front of your knee, put your left arm firmly over your knee and wrap your forearm on your back under your knee, your right hand reaches over your back, try joining your hands together, you can use a yoga strap. Look up. Hold 5 breaths. Swap pages.

A slope in sitting

Yoga Teacher Training India Rishikesh

Sit with your legs apart, lift your right hand up, put your left hand on your back, you can try to wrap your hand behind your right thigh. Look up. Stay in the 5 breaths position, swap pages.

Stand on your head

Yoga Teacher Training India Rishikesh

You can try to make in a corner or by the wall / tree. Make a supported knee. Put your forearms on the mat, put your hands together in a basket, put your head between your palms, the top of your head on the mat. Straighten your knees, hips and buttocks up. Get your feet as close as possible to your head, your spine upright. You can stay like this, or try to break your right and left foot up if you have a back. Once you have been practicing for some time and trying to stand on your head without support, work with your abdominal muscles and try to raise your straight legs in your knees slowly vertically up. Try to hold the position for 10 breaths. After this position, it is worth making a candle position. Rest;)

Great! If you feel like you can treat these few asanas as your summer challenge and regularly devote some time to them and watch your progress.


In summer, it is also easier for us to eat a healthy diet. A lot of vegetables and fruits from small shops, as well as a large amount of water, let it be your plan for the coming months. The desire for healthy eating comes after just a few yoga sessions. When we eat smaller portions and more often, during classes it is easier for us to make all the turns, which additionally tone the abdominal organs.


The evening time is also perfect for yoga practice. 20.00, when it gets colder but the sun has not set yet, it is a beautiful time to thank you for the whole day, learn gratitude by practicing, focus inward, breathe, relax after a whole day.

I keep my fingers crossed for you !

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